Sunday, November 20, 2005

HOw da Ya likes dem dare apples

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We went apple picking on Saturday.
Was a tinsy winsy creepy.
But thats what made it such an adventure!
Black Apples.

and so that was Saturday.

And on today I woke up, warmed up day old coffee in the microwave and drank some of it.
Yum. Boiled a few eggs.
Then later I picked up my Grandma for church.
And we went. We don't speak much anymore.
It is strange.

And there is this one lady at church who I think really wants to be my friend.
I think she likes me because she is always
shit talking to me about the fellow parish people.
Church is something else.

I also bought over priced clothes but I do that on other days too.
Not just Sunday.


carrie said...

cool. last night i had a dream that you had a daughter who was almost a year old and you still couldn't settle on a name for her. she was adorable!!! so, i kept trying to think of names, but none of them were the right one.

carrie said...

oh and you had a bird called a "parrotiel" and it was awesome.

zandria said...

Black apples! Weird! But it was definitely a beautiful day to be outside. :)