Wednesday, November 09, 2005


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What is the dealwith the spam comments?

I mean I already thinkmy blog is pretty lame and stuff and these comments that pop up saying how cool my blog is and go check this out really bust my buttons!

And I was feeling all creative a few hours ago and so I began to download somepictures with hopes of putting them on my blog with some clever post and it took FOREVER and so now I don't even feeel like trying.

I was gonna maybe say how i sometimes walk around my house wondering what the hell to do.

I really need to put my energy into something but nothing interests me.

I don't wanna cook up some fancy smancy meal for me and a threee year old and even if I had 10 peopleto serve I still would throw down some fish sticks or pancakes.

How pointless.


Janet said...

I like pancakes.

nicole said...

What a cool blog you have. xoxo

zandria said...

I spot a piano and a guitar in that photo. Do you play?

Kathryn said...

I took piano lesson for awhile but then my piano teacher quit.
And my husband sorta kinda plays guitar.

carrie said...

yeah, take some music lessons! i command it. or not. but still...