Saturday, March 29, 2008

it shoould be a special treat.

yo yo yo mother fuckers KATHRYN is in DA mother FUCKIN HOOOUSSE!
yeah you heeard me.
I left my hometowne for a few days and it was THE SHIT.
seriously had such a good and lovely time that coming home was a LITTTLE UM,
what exactly?
Drove through a large portion of California.
About 5 and a half hours worth and I made it safe and ticket free so that was a shocker
80 was as far as I pushed it and even that made me nervous.
Janets new town is a big fat upgrade. IT IS to die for.
I am very lucky and blesssed to have her as my best friend :)
we rode bikes all around and even into the forest, got drunk and talked about how cool and mature we both are.
I would TOTALLY post some pictures of myself and the other awesome things but I can't.
not sure why I cant but I just can't.
do you feel like that often?
yes actually I do.
my blog is better without photos.
more mysterious.
I am mysterious.
oh I got some new dope ADIDAS.

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