Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Photobucketi smiled at some bitch yesterday during my early morning rush and the girl just looked awya and DID NOT return the smile. I WAS SHOCKED!
how RUDE CAN YOU BE? are you a STUPID IDIOT? yes.
well thats it for her
no more smiles or any form of interaction from me.
CUT OFF. and her kid.
i took a shower today with a shower cap and as soon as I exited I KNEW I had made the wrong move cos my hair was DISGUSTING so I had to get dressed and go DOWN STAIRS to wash my hair so I could use the shower head that moves around. whats it called?
just forget it and I used cold water.
what else?
so far I have taken in give or take 300 calories.
and I will hold that until dinner.
I try to stay under 1800 daily.
Easter is coming.
in YOUR face.

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