Sunday, May 22, 2005

ROugh StepBros.

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This is me and my step brothers Christopher and Bradley.
We all moved in together in a very strange part of our lives
I was 16 and I guess Bradley was like 10 and Chris was 13.

Anyways, we had fun for awhile but sure enough it all fell apart.
My mom and stepdad bought a house, so we all had our own room and it was SWEET!
Soon after stepdad revealed to us all that he was a big FAT drunk!
In the beginning it was sort of a comical and lighthearted drunkeness.
But then it became a living nightmare.
SO I guess all that tension plus regular tension you have when you are at these ages resulted in CHAOS.
I have been in some serious fist fights with Christopher.
And I usually won. And I am not at all proud. I am just saying.

The boys and I would fight over just basic respect issues.

Drinking an entire gallon of milk in a HOUR!

Just being HUGE, nasty, destructive, PIGS!


It was just strange for all of us.

It had basically been just us girls for awhile.


And a drunk Asshole running the show.

SUPER DUPER but now that the 3 of us are all grown and moved out, I know that we really love each another.

We had to put up with a lot of bullshit and that is our bond.

I least I think.


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