Thursday, May 19, 2005

Here I AM!

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SO. Now what?

Ummm my day was cheery and bright.

Got some sun and blew some bubbles.

My house has been cleaned by maids.

Drew has been acting pretty well.

Everything in its place.

I bought the new Weezer cd. It is ok.

I'd put a link but I don't wanna.

And I only do what I want.

Because I am a BRAT!


carrie said...

yes you are a brat! you got that right! that was my first thought when i checked to see if you posted and you finally did! Maids cleaned your house? That is pretty flippin cool, man!

Janet said...

I like you bratty. It would be no fun otherwise. I also like the pigtails. Pigtails are CUTE!