Sunday, March 21, 2004

There is a BIG Fiesta going on down my street, they have a band and are all dancing in their front yard. I have watched it go on periodically from 3pm till now. Very Amusing group of people. At one point someone got out the hose and was getting everyone wet.
My day however did not include a fiesta. It included going to get Drew a hair cut which is VERY CUTE! It took me awhile to get used to it but it has grown on me. It isn't that different so it is weird that I have a reaction. Then we went to Costco with my mom so she could get a new tire for her car and I picked up some pictures. Which by the way makes me even more pleased with my new camera. Anyways....then I went over to my BEAUTIFUL new house where the current owner (my friend Monica) was having a garage sale. She let me keep a BIG wooden sign that says "HOME SWEET HOME" She is going to hang it right back where it was. :) She didn't even charge me! :)) SO from there I came back home so "Drew boy" could take a little rest. And I did the same while watching SPRING BREAK 2004 on MTV! YEAH BABY!! (not really) Then Drew woke up and we went outside to play and the FIESTA began down the road! After playing outside and spying on my nieghbors we went to Target and went to Tims work to bring him some food. NOW we are home and going to eat dinner and THEN BEDTIME!! PHEWWY! SO INTERESTING!! Right??? I can't believe I even feel like typing all this stuff.
Well I am done now.

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