Friday, March 26, 2004

Blogger Blogger Blogger. lame-o blogger. But what exactly should I do with the time that I use to blog? The question actually should be, what would I RATHER be doing? Well... here is a little list off the top of my pretty little head.

~Be anywhere with Tim
~Play with Drew
~SLEEP! (ya right)
~Eat something sweet
~Have my fortune read

Well, that is it. Some of you may feel that my tiny list is too simple but in my world it is the only stuff worth doing.
But, the funny thing is that the one thing that seems so simple never is. Maybe I am pathetic but it seems to me that Tim and I are constantly struggling to JUST be together. Forever it has been this way.
So that is why I blog, because Tim is at work, Drew is sleeping, I can't sleep, I have ate something sweet, and sadly there is no fortune teller around.

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