Monday, March 15, 2004

SO far we have accomplished alot in our yard. Tim and I are probably the only people who can tell though. Yard work is pretty fun but you have really got to be in the mood. I can't wait to plant flowers in the front. It seems silly to put all this work into the house when we are just going to get rid of it. But it is all for curb appeal. But who knows, maybe we will keep it. I just don't know if we want to deal with renters and all that landlord stuff. Decisions, decisions.
One thing I do know is that I can NOT wait to move into our new house! I can't WAIT! Not much longer now. We close escrow the beginning of April.
Buying a house is alot like raising a puppy. In the beginning you have to deal with the puppy chewing up your things, peeing on your carpet, and for a split second you even contemplate getting rid of her, but you don't because you hold on to your faith that eventually she will stop being a BAD PUPPY and turn into a GOOD DOG!

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