Saturday, March 20, 2004

Saturday morning.
Well I was going to lay out by my friends pool today but her EX husbands mother and sister called her up to inform her that they are coming over to lay by the pool as well. She said that she had already invited me over but that didnt seem to phase them. I am not really fond of my friends EX and I sure don't want to hang out with his mom. I mean why would I? SO I explained to my friend my feelings and she said sorry but I don't blame her. She doesn't want to be rude and she can't help her intrusive in-laws. So I guess I am not going to go over. I feel bad but I can't help that I feel uncomfortable.
But I am going to go to KOHLS with my mommy and grandma. I really should NOT be shopping at all. Lately I don't have any self control where money and shopping is concerned. :) Shame Shame!
BUT I do have something that I MUST buy today! A poop scoop! Isn't that an exciting purchase?
FUN! Surprisingly they are quiet expensive. I am not sure if any of you have ever priced a poop scoop, but I was thinking maybe $10 or so. They all run around $20! I haven't wanted to pay that much but I think I am breaking down. The shovel just isn't working out as well as a poop scoop would. So that is my exciting Saturday. YIPPY!! HAahahahha I would much rather lay out by the pool with my friend but not with a certain someones family members. So poop scoop it is.

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