Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Good Tuesday Morning
It is only 10 am and I have accomplished so much! I love when I get alot done in the early morning.

I also changed my template, I was getting sick of the other one. And I don't think my counter thing is working. Or I just don't have any visitors.

I like Tuesdays because American Idol is on. WHOOO HOOOO! Sometimes I even VOTE! I also like Wednesdays because American Idol AND Newlyweds are on! I am guilt of loving reality TV especially Newlyweds. I think it is the modern day I Love Lucy. BUT I don't like those dumb getting married shows, like Bachlorette. Talk about demoralizing marriage. But some people like those shows or they wouldn't be on.
SO here are my plans for today. SO exciting. Laundry, post office, Target, Costco, and maybe make some dinner at Danyels. Once a week we get together and try out a new recipe. It is fun.

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