Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Drew had his 1st bloody nose last night. We were all eating dinner with some friends and BOOM he fell down and hit his nose! Poor boy. But we gave him a cookie and he recovered quickly.
Tim is off today and we have lost of things on our list. We want to get Roxie groomed and some other random stuff. Hopefully we will be signing our loan docs today. And we will be the proud owner of TWO homes! YIKES!
I was going to get Drews Easter pics taken today but I am unsure. My new camara takes such nice pictures, I am going to wait and see if I should just blow up one of them.
And another thing.. at this time next week I will be in KY! It will be almost 1 in the afternoon. I will be sooo relieved to be arrived. I am so nervous about flying that I just want to get it over with. I have this fear of death, that I can't get over. I have talked to lots of people about it, nobody professional just friends and family, and they seem to all agree that it is because I am a mom and it is natural. Whatever. I'll be fine. It is silly. Also I think it just upsets people when I talk about it. SO I'll STOP! :)

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