Thursday, March 11, 2004


A love partner could be in a very gloomy mood today, Scorpio. This could be the kind of day when no matter how many times you draw your mate's attention to the doughnut, he still persists in seeing the hole! The glass is always half empty, never half full! Your beloved will probably be this way throughout the day. Don't let it drive you crazy. Just try to see the humor in it. Dare to laugh! That'll help you, anyway!

I love astrology. It is so interesting and fun. Sometimes it seems so right on. And my personality fits my profile pretty close, and some of my friends and family fall into theirs pretty well too. Makes you wonder if the stars really do have influence over us. Why not? The moon effects tides and werewolves!!! Ya know, it would be terrible to be a werewolf! Gosh what a burden. Next time I get frazzled about my daily life I am going to just remember one thing, it could be worse, I could be a werewolf. That should cheer me up. Hell, it should cheer anyone up. Well, I guess it wouldn't cheer up a werewolf. Poor werewolves. I wonder if they believe in astrology?

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