Thursday, March 25, 2004

I got out last night to see Eternal Sunshine w/ Jim Carrey. I really enjoyed it. I always like Jim Carrey movies. But I am not a fan of Dumb and Dumber. I just think it is DUMB! Well I really liked the movie it was interesting. I like Kate Winslet. Actually the whole cast was good. The story was crazy and actually something I have thought about before. But I guess I would never choose to erase anything from my mind. It is all there for a reason and I'll keep it. Good and BAD. Besides how good would the good actually be without the bad. There was one point in the movie when "Joel" (Jim Carrey) was in a memory when he was 4 and all he wanted was for his mom to pick him up and it made me think of Drew and how hard it is to be a little kid. I just wanted to get home and pick Drew up and hug him. I also felt I wanted to get home and tell Tim how much I love him, through good and bad and would never give him up for anything, ever!
I went w/ my friend Debbie. She felt sick through most of it so she said she was unable to pay attn and did not understand it. Sucky. But she'll just have to go and see it again. I'd even sit through it again. I like to see movies twice.
Tim and Bud stayed home with all 3 kids. YIKES! But everyone survived. Tim was playing w/ Drew and there was an incident with the ceiling fan, but everything was OK.
Today my plans are to go to the grocery store, dry cleaners and whatever else POPS into my head. I should go to Kohls to return some stuff. ANYWAYS< I don't want to bore anyone with my "bullshit".
AHHH MAN Roxie just walked in the door and she IS A MESS!!! GRRR dumbdumb puppy!

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