Friday, December 13, 2013

God Bless You

So beautiful. Added a lil more decorations to the tree since this photo was snapped! So fun! 
Rearranged the living room and now I feel at home. It was all wrong and now it's all right. Grateful for that. 
Buying a loaf of garlic sourdough bread was an impulse buy! Thankfully I have only 3 pieces left! I can't control myself! SourdoughToast! Toast toast! W butter! Heaven in my mouth! Heaven in my tummy! I read that sourdough is actually the best of the breads. Healthwise. Yesterday I think it's the only thing I ate. 
That's what I want santa to bring me. Especially after all the bread I've been eating! Ha! Stupid carbs.  
Whatever right!? 
Today is Friday the thirteenth! Lucky day! 
This weekend is gonna be cool cause I'm cool. 
But you already knew that.
Some 18 year olds think I'm too cool for their lame crybaby vines so they blocked me! Can you believe that!? Good riddance I say! Pathetic narcistic brats.
Eat it. Fool.

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