Sunday, November 24, 2013

the one you won't forget

Currently watching the AMAs. Nervously. Never know nowadays what will pop up on these award shows to make me feel uncomfortable to be a human being living in America! Do you get me? Or the show will just make me feel OLD n out of touch! Like a granny.
Cool walmart coat! Huh!? Children's section! A diamond in the rough. Priced at $28. I didn't purchase this cause I have other priorities! Like diapers, Poptarts and vodka. Ha! But luckily a really cool friend of mine says they have a houndstooth coat adult size small that I can have!!! Score! Can't wait to show you! 
FYI Cherry juice is so good for you! I've been drinking some before bed, sometimes w a splash of vodka! For sleep purposes! Yea. 
Hey look! It's my batty HALF sister and I in a grocery store a few weeks ago after our gym experience. During this photo I was having a blast of killer menstrual cramps along w a calf cramp! Double whammy! You can tell I'm in pain by the way I'm bent over the cart like a haggardly old maid.  Cause usually I have superior posture! I swearsies. Plus I'm actually pushing more than a cart. I was pushing a RV!
U wouldn't understand.  
This weekend was a rollercoaster ride. 
Today was better than yesterday.
Today I made chicken enchiladas. 
Can't wait for tomorrow! 
I should bake cookies. 
JT is performing now.
He deserves my 100. 

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