Saturday, December 21, 2013

my faith has been rewarded

Thanks a lot! For nothing!
Stressed! Desserts!
Delicious. Fudge is like too good, and if it's around I will eat it alllllll day.  
Nobody deserves anything. 
How happy would you say you are? Snowman happy? 
So a very important online order I made was seriously fudged up. I'm pretty upset about the whole thing. What can I do? Drink alcohol.? 
Not my fault and nothing I can do but wait. So annoying and rude. Costumer service doesn't exist these days. People don't care about their jobs or other people.  So end it quick. Call it a day and give peace.
Lying liars. 
I'll workout something. No choice but to move the f on. Figure out a new plan. 
A dead and mauled rabbit was in my driveway today. Stinky and gross. But cool! My guess is a hawk dropped it by accident.
Merry Christmas! To me! 
I consider it goodie good luck. 
It's all good luck to me🌠🔮. 
Tomorrow will be nice. Everyday is nice because I have love and God in my heart. 
Hope you have the same. Peace be with you. 

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