Sunday, November 03, 2013

one day in my shoes

I wore my new sweatpants to the mall today and let me tell you that it felt great!! 
Things are about to get real real quick! 
Off the hook. 
I missed the eclipse!
It's ok! I felt it.
Know it happened or IS happening. 
That I know. 
I keep a watchful eye on it all. 
You, them, they, us, we. 
Nothing is really that interesting.
Unless you are a child. 
That's the glory story. 
That's the real McCoy! 
UGh today one crazy Italian sweet talked me! made me feel like a total dipshit! 
Kinda funny, kinda not! 
It's over now. So it's like it never even happened. 
Nothing is happening. It's all a fake. 
See ya around! 

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