Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Too Legit to Quit

This was something I ate today that I'm not proud of. It's a fried chicken waffle sandwich w sharp cheddar cheese n maple syrup. I got it fresh from the grilled cheese truck. Surprisingly it was just an okay experience for my taste buds. I was expecting more of an overwhelming burst of spectacular flavor. Can't really complain because I'm just really happy I was able to try it. It's a special Wednesday thing and the truck just so happened to be in my neck of the woods! I alsoooo tried the smores thing n that was pretty tasty.  Too much bread consumption today! The horror! 
Shammmme shammmmme on me!!! Am I right or am I right? I'm right. 
Did the right thing n went to an evening gym class and felt weighed down n sorta crampy due to the heaviness of the FOOD! Whatever though power through. Fuck the side ache pain. Dumb bitch. 
Eye agree. 
Eye know.
Eye see.
Eye love.
Eye hate.
Eye forgive.
Eye do. 
Eye care. 
My heart and soul. 
Anyways to be perfectly honest w you I dont like posting pics of my awesome children but it's soooo hard not to when they look as cute as they do. I mean look!!  Look at that adorableness! Soak it in. Or don't. 
Pass by and move on.
hey! Let's talk about thighs. My thighs. 
I think I need to stop eating so much bread! N candy! For the sake of my thighs. 
Thank goodness Halloween has passed. But now it's gonna be eggnog, pie and mashed potato season. 
I'm so American. 

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