Thursday, November 21, 2013

Didn't I Tell You?

I very deeply cut my right thumb the other night, and it took forever to stop the bleeding. I was like oh noooo!! Help!! But I was the only adult in the house therefore I had to help myself. The nerve. It's still a pain. It's deep! A deep deep wound. I do a lot of shit w my right thumb. Even now I'm using it! It's healing. Everything heals: most things. 
Oy vey! 
I'm trying my best. 
Watching Seinfeld makes me realize that 
I miss the 90's.
Shit was diff then. 
2013??? It's like yea we r doomed. 
All we can do now is pray. 
And trust me I do. 
The "a" in "always" has like a halo like theAnaheim Angels baseball team. The toddler in my life added that and he is a hardcore Dodgers fan still having a hard time accepting that they lost. So your guess is as good as mine. He is my angel though. 
Art. Color. 

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