Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Efficient Bubble Butt

Kinda orangey in this pic taken in the old house. Goes w the fall season. 
I'm so psychic! It's obvious to me. Yesterday for instance I was in the sauna wearing my usual sauna attire when a young girl probably in her 20's like 26 walked in and in my mind I knew she was going to compliment me and BOOM she did! she was all oh wow you have an amazing 6 pack! I said, "SHUt YOur FACE!!! No!" Because i really don't see it! I'm on this earth thinking I need to work on it harder and she goes and says this!?! It's a conspiracy! She works for the illuminati!!! Anyways I was pretty stoked and shocked over that scene. I guess that was yesterday's news. We had a nice chat about how the gyms yoga is subpar! She claimed her name was Hillary and when she left she said "bye Kathy" ugh!!!! Whatever.
But It's diet . Alllllll diet and water intake. 
I don't mean to make you hate me anymore than u already do BUT I get compliments alllllll the time. 
One Monday in pilates I was feeling frumpy and useless and out of nowhere a nice lady asked if I was a yoga instructor because she noticed that my form was perfect and the way I moved was so graceful! Haa! I was flabbergasted !  The universe knows when I need to hear nice words! Or it's something else. Bullshit? Signs? 
Last week the juice bar dude said I was one of the sexiest girls in the gym. All I said to that was "SHIT!" And maybe i said thanks. He probably just wants me to keep on buying his protein drinks and smoothies. Cause there are tons of sexy gals up in there, but I guess I have the right amount of thickness. I don't know!!!! 
Tonight when I was walking in the locker room some dude asked if I just arrived and I said who me? And he said yea you, and I was like yea just got here and then he says ok have a good one.
Well alright then. What's that about? 
Then a few minutes later as I was leaving the locker room a strange couple was full on making out!!! Right at the entrance of the men's room.   What the effing hell!??!? I warned some girls that that was happening! Gross no? Boner time at the gym I guess. 
Had to get this all off my chest tonight.
I read minds and I get compliments, I know the compliments are coming before they arrive, maybe I make them come, I get into their heads n make the people say nice shit, either way yay me! 
I'm about to be 40! 
No I'm only gonna be 34. 
Saying I'm 40 is just an on going joke I like to tell. 
Leave me alone. 
I want spin shoes so I can be serious while cycling. Clip in and ride.
Sweating is the coolest.
I'm obsessed. 

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