Thursday, April 02, 2009

what did you think I would say at this moment?

P4014193HAAaaYy! WHATS UP?
so i took a test on Facebook that confirms YES I am in fact a sociopath.
those tests really expose the inner me.
mind blowing!
Today was my last day of employment so now I am an unemployed person.
like you.
opened the store door for the last time, turned on the lights and the music for the last time, counted the register for the last time, pulled out the clearance table for the last time, swept the sidewalk for the last time, took pictures of myself in the bathroom for the last time and other last time things.
sad really.
so many beginnings and endings going on all around.
I am thinking about applying for unemployment?? can I? does that still exist?
the next job I plan on acquiring will be at a GYM! sounds fucking perfecto!
so thats what I am gonna do. I will be like a trainer or something.
after that I dont know where I will be. Hollywood?
I do love jewelry and I love selling it but its just not the best time for that type of business.
I grilled some steak this evening and steamed some broccoli.
tomorrow I will bake semi- sweet chocolate chip cookies.
right now I am gonna go download some LADY GAGA.

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