Sunday, April 19, 2009

don't hate me just yet

P4180053GUESS WHAT I GOT!?? yep.
a camera.
and boy oh fucking boy it was quiet the ordeal.
of course right. I am me.
I bought 2 before finally landing on the 3rd.
so I returned it 20 min after i paid for it and bought a snazzy black one and when I got home with it stupid me realized that FUCKIT WAS NOT WATERPROOF and I NEED NEED NEED WATERPROOF COS I like like to take my cameras in large bodies of water like the ocean and stuff and sometimes sprinklers.
so NO that WOULD NOT DO so I returned it later in the evening and now I am all set with this orange one that I hope to be buried with. bury me with it.
Basically its the same one i had last weekish but a lil newer and cooler.
SOrry again.
so there we have it. NOW this blog and my life can continue.
i wonder where my camera went.
who has it?
have they deleted my pictures?
did they like them?
did they think my friends and I were pretty and cool?
and just so you know I do NOT like waterproof mascara, that stuff is WHACK.

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