Saturday, April 25, 2009

a lil sweet and a lot spicy

fat dog in a lil Laker jersey.maybe coco needs to lose a few pounds.
and maybe her name should be cocoa.
I talked about it with her and we agreed that its both.
so actually yeah its either way. P4250487what a great day today has been. I love life and I love you almost as much as i love LA
i bought some new splenda coffee flavor packet thingys and even though I feel it involves more packaging than I wish to be a part of I do love the sweetness it adds to my cofffee without the calories.
also I love chili sauce and I put that stuff on everything. EVEN BANANAS!
should I be scared?
I might even start carrying the bottle in my purse. is that ghetto of me?
before you say no
I also bought a box of wine at walmart today.
wine sales are up and I wanna give the box a try.
oh I lost my camera case today but I found it on the bookshelf.
wonderful day.
I am watching NARNIA.

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