Thursday, April 23, 2009


P4220294I am falling in that rut.
that sad place.
must mean I need to start blogging more.
i am moving back home soon and its just weird, and I am sorry for LOOKING so DEEP INTO LIFE AND MY MANY THOUGHTS and MY MANY FEEEELINGS.
feelings do nothing but cause people to do stupid things.
but maybe thats just me? cant be.
I did the boring yoga class this morning and decided that I will change my thursday schedule starting next Thursday.
soon I wont be inside that gym ever again.
or will I?
my kitchen is a mess from last night and I really need to get up and dance and do this.
I have been playing with and taking care of my new camera so maybe more annoying photos to come.
its kinda overcast here today.
I hope I can brighten something or someone today.

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