Friday, April 24, 2009

oh yeah and no

P4200152thats some hebrew pastary filled with cheeeese! my friend made it for me.
yummmy and of course very fattening.
I told ya so.
not bad lighting in this apartment. I could make a promise that this is the last hallway or kitchen picture of me that I will show you but I won't.
so I have been sitting here off and on a few times and
I remembered something!
At that job thing that I no longer have I used to lotion up my hands every 5-10 minutes
but now that I have no job I dont seem to do that so you can do the math,
and still I have not dropped off the store key.
what is it? cant bring myself downtown?
have I even been downtown at all this week?
what have I been doing? what am I doing?
what am I getting ready for?
BEACH TIME!? yes. and poolside time.
fuck I dont have that nice spa anymore.
well thats annoying.
how will I listen to music now?
I need some sort of out door stereo system,
thanks for reminding me.
I will work it out.
why do I even come here?
we should all ask ourselves that very question.

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