Sunday, March 29, 2009

the sun the moon the stars

P3274149I watched Moulin Rouge! this morning at 1. such a sad and wonderful movie with a great cast.
makes me recall a conversation I had with my father once
we were talking about how he just saw the movie in the theatre with his girlfriend and he said he wished he had been a little more baked.
haha RIGHT ON.
i lost the lid for the milk the other day then last night i lost the cork. whats the meaning of that?
my feet are freezing right now. WHATS THE MEANING OF ALL THIS?
works been great. tomorrow night we are all going out for sushi so we can say GOODBYE AND GOOD LUCK. but I still have like 4 more days of work. bitter sweet.
the dude wont be attending cause his girlfriend is mental.
why are girls so insane and nuts all the time?
chill out bitches.
I need to take my own advise.
I need to stop eating for entertainment but why bother?
the Easter bunny is coming to town and so am I.
here I come church.

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