Friday, August 02, 2013

Swap you out

Hi ho! I'm so happy it's August! F yea! I'm ready to party! So many plans! Universal, Dodger game, The Melting Pot! Schools starts! 
Oh yea we got a puppy. Named her Gidget and we love her. Well I kinda like her. She makes me work extra so that's kinda annoying! I knew what was gonna happen. I knew she was going to be a puppy so it's not like I didn't know she would cry at night and go pee pee n poo poo on the floor accidently. I knew these thingamajigs I was so nervous the days leading to her arrival! She will learn and be a good doggie. I'm her new mommy. 
Life is crazy. We all know that but wow my life is the craziest! You don't even know the half of it. Well maybe you do. Right now I'm gettingy my hair beautified! Bye bye 

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