Thursday, August 22, 2013

Give Me Time to Realize My Crime

Really working hard at eating clean but today I had pizza!!! BUT!!! I did go to the gym twice. Soooooo that should count for something! I cycled for 60 min and saunaed for 25 in the morning THEN the afternoon time was 60 min of pilates! Soooooo whatever right!??? I'm trying to decide whether I'll do yoga in the morning or cycle again, I should prolllly cycle cause yoga is kinda easy ya know. But then again I'm going to go to the gym in the evening for this really intense/fun circuit training class n that's really hard so maybe morning yoga w a sauna session would be a good choice. Oh boy how do I decide? It'll just happen, the choice will be made for me by GOD. I trust that he will lead me into the right scenario. That's what HE does, always. 
Today! I went through a car wash then I parked my car and went on a "playground adventure" and when I returned to my vehicle I was so sad to see that sprinklers were spraying water all over the car!!  The nerve! What in world!? Isn't that something? 
And oh I have had some restless nights. I just can't seem to stop peeing! That's due to the fact that I am drinking 20 gallons of ice water and 17 cups of green tea a day, so the pee just never stops. Real nice. Between the pee elimination and the sweating I do I can't imagine that I have any toxins inside of my body. I'm a vessel of pure pureness. Ha! 
I don't drink or do any drugs. I'm as sober as a cucumber? 
Whatever I'm smoking crack. 
Most of my "shareable" pictures are posted elsewhere first then I blog them. That kinda bugs me. Sorry if it kinda bugs you too! 
Wanna know whatelse I find bug worthy!? Songs that get stuck in my head for months or YEARS! I have had Culture Clubs' DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HURT ME song stuck in my head for like ever! I bust it out several if not a dozen times a day! I kid you not. It is what it is and at this point in the game  I sing it pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I need to hit up a karaoke club!  Maybe I should just do a vine of it! Vine is like the coolest thing these days! Get w it!
Okakes tootle loo. 

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