Thursday, July 18, 2013

Well Paint Me A Pink Pony

Here I am detoxing in the sauna. Its hot!  25 minutes after every workout, 5 days a week, ending w a cold shower. Ahhhhh so soothing and rejuvenating, I love and cherish that time.
My understanding is that the sauna is a place to be quiet! A shut the fuck up zone if you will, BUT some women enter the sauna after their aqua fit class mid conversation and don't stop. They just blast their stories to everyone w ears trying to relax mind n muscles. They babble on about their wine tasting experience, Hawaii trip planning, kid college graduating and bread eating junket.  So irritating but they only last 5 minutes tops. 
It's even more bothersome when bitches come in and whisper to each other.
Whatever! Tune them out or turn on your iPod and listen to tunes!  Practice tolerance! 
Instead of exercising in the morning like I usually do I've been going in the evening after dinner. It's the only way to go during the summer I guess. 
Swim and tan during the day, gym it up at night. That's that. 
My usual diet of strictness is nonexistent right now. Summer is the diet called "eat whatever w a side of milkshake". 
Peanut butter milkshakes even! 
Cheetos are something that I had this week. I'm not proud. 
I don't even know why Cheetos are in my house but they are!  Who allowed that to happen? 
Snapple peach tea is full of sugar and so good w Cheetos! Wtf!? 
Once school is back in session that will be over. It's summer time so snacking on crap is the thing to do!! I don't wanna be a fuddy duddy.  
August is coming!!!! We are going to Universal Studios and I am soooo very eager for that day to come!! 
Plus a milkshake shoppe is opening up! Finally! Milkshake Mania! I can't wait to see what they can whip up for me! Feels like Ive been waiting forever! Yumyum. 
I gotta go do stuff now. Blogging is time consuming. I haven't the time. 

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