Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer is out.

Feeling good on backpack night Dodger style w my family. Can you tell?
 School is like tomorrow! Omg! We are fully prepared for a successful school yr!!! Bring it on! He has his flash drive n erry thang. 
My personal 5 th grade experience was a straight up horrific Catholic school nightmare! Now it's nothing but a character building memory. 
Universal Studios was a good time except that the Transformers ride broke da f down in the early morning w people on it and they were stuck for 3 hrs! Some news helicopters flying all around cause it was news worthy! Did u see? So anyways after the ride opened back up the wait time was 3 hours long! So that's a no go. Luckily we get in free till 2014 so we will go back another day for that mess. Better hurry cause the year is almost over! Seriously it is. Halloween is like today! 
Pasadena is a place I would love to live. Only 30 min away from my current town so that's awesome for me. I must start to visit often and take the kids to the
We went once YEARS ago n it was fun
We must go again! And soon!!!!
Dodgers sure are kicking butt and taking names! Very cool and about time. 
Feast your peepers on some Melting pot deliciousness. Such a fun dining experience! I highly recommend it! I ordered the Fondue Fusion. Lobstertail, filet mignon, duck n other stuff. Can not wait to go back!  right now!!! Take me! Seriously though the next time I go back I get 20 bucks off. Maybe for my 34th bday but I doubt it, lots of bullshit is going down around me birthday. Soccer game and shtuff. 
New flip flops for me cos the puppy ate my other ones! Good deal because I got buy 1 pair get the another for 50% off! Booyah. Who doesn't need two pairs? I know I do! I love wearing flipflops w jeans. That's my favvvvv. Still too hot around these woods for jeans doh. No rush. 
I have mommy things to tend to. a certain  adorable lil boy needs assitance on his new lightening mcqueen bike!! Vroom vroom! 
Have fun and stay sober. 

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