Sunday, August 25, 2013

Break da Ice Over Yo Face

My toddler is obsessed w hot cocoa. Requests it all the time. even when its 100 degrees outside. I oblige like a good mommy. 
I'm so over the heat. I'd appreciate a nice  70 ish temperature. Can ya dig? In the beginning of like May I was all into the hot weather but now I'm just annoyed w it. Welcome worn out. Be gone! Let's celebrate FALL! Eat some pie, wear a cardigan. 
Yesterday I dragged everyone to a street fair because I was under the impression that the Grilled Cheese truck was going to be there. WRONG! It's going to be there today! Not yesterday. So we alllll have to travel back today for the Grilled Cheese experience. Cool huh!? I'm stoked to the max. I'll take pics! Maybe I'll get TWO sandwiches! Plus I guess more vendors will be there today. 
This weekend has been a pancake weekend. I made pancakes from scratch yesterday and today! So easy n cheap. I'll never use a boxed pancake mix again. Nobody should. 
Lots of cool stuff going on tonight on the boob tube. Dexter, Breaking Bad, Ray Donovan AND the VMAs! Sunday night Party time on the couch!!! Lets do this son! Woot woot. I don't know if I'll be able to hang! So much! Too much? Why do all the shows I watch have to be on the same night? It'd be nice to spread them out throughout the week. But I'm not in control. OF ANYTHING! 
Next weekend the roast of James Franco is happening. I like him. Maybe love. 
Next weekend will be off the hook! yo mama! for other reasons besides television and grilled cheese. 
September is coming! 
My sweet toddler is turning 2! Swoon. 


paula said...

Why did your sister close up shop?

Kathryn said...

I don't know anything about her.