Tuesday, August 06, 2013

So Yesterday

What up? Currently the puppy is whining and I'm like SHUTUP!!! I'm tired!  Go to sleep stupid puppy! 
She ate some cool headphones today. Bad girl. Listen up, take my advise and NEVER get a puppy! 
She is a sweetheart, yes. The secret is not giving in! Just ignore and eventually she will bore. I keep thinking she is done being a whiny bitch but she just starts right up again. The first night was the absolute worst! I wanted to throw her against a wall! Sell her! But no becos Once you let a dog into your heart there is no turning back. Not even after they are dead and gone do they leave your heart. Always there. That's why I say NEvER eVER get a puppy! It's best to stay animal free. They r such burdens! Who's gonna watch the puppy while we go here? Who will sit w the dog when we go there!? Do you feel me!? 
So you know! 
Anyfuckways I half ass scrubed my carpet this evening. On my hands n on me knees! I'd still be doing that crap but i ran out of carpet cleaning foam. Darn it! Looks way better though so booyah! Homemaking is the coolest. Making the home smell good n look good n shtuff. but hear this: This fucking place has white as snow carpet and uhhhhhhhhhellloooo got a toddler here so it looks like dogshit now duh! So that's gotsta giddy up n go! We need hardwood or tile. Anything other than white! What sort of idiotface installs white carpet anyways! I mean really!??!? Lets think for one moment. Cheap. Sure sure I could say no eating in the living room but that's just not practical. Or fun! N I'm a fun person. The price I must pay is having trashed carpet that must be cleaned via hands n knees. 
Who the freak has carpet anymore anyways?? Is this the 80's? 
Could be worse. I could be living in a trash can. That's what YOU wish for me I know but sorry, keep wishin cause that's not gonna happen. 
Anytime soonish. 
Whatelse whatelse? Oh I think that free valet is weird! Why free!? I'm suspicious! It's my nature.
I am pretty sure B.Obama and my son share the same birthday. I guess everyone hates Obama these days. 
Later gator. Stay true to you. 

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