Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Untitledin order to see the screen on this particular laptop you must hold and push down on the frickin screen. what a hunk of shit. so now the screen is totally black and I cant see dick. WHO knws if this is even working? oh wait now the screen is working. OH wait... NOW it isnt. I swear to something holy! I really really do swear. outloud. all day. UGH its impossible to do this with a blank screen. WHy must this be? I must apply pressure! Dodger game is tied up right now. woo wee. dont even remember why I thought blogging would be fun or a good idea. GUess I had enough of standing around picking at my split ends. But HEY you know thats all gonna stop soon because I have been using the OVATION CELL THERAPY system! Well, just a part of the system. Eventually I will have the entire system. So far my hair is a lil nicer so just imagine what will be w the complete system Hair dreamsare made of. Or at least somethng close. I have actually dreamt about my hair. NOT so much lately but in the past I'd dream I had Little Mermaid hair. LAtely I dream about being in a large body of water w enormous sea creatures! WHALES,SHARKS,OCTOPI! OHMY! its frightening! but THATS what dreams are for. In good times in bad times they'll be on your side forever more. Do whatever you need to do while you sleep to help make sense of it all. oh ok now the Dodgers are losing. Tomorrow night is hello kitty tote bag night and I really wish I could go, or get a tote.

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