Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life is Like a Song

MAN OH PETE i was just in a HTML maze ! i dont know how anyone makes sense out of all of that. I was only in my template area for a min to ADD a dope new IG badge (which is FUN!i guess.)and ita all jumbled and scary in there. "WHere is the header?", I keep asking. N E WAYS who cares ?I just feel fortunate that I am able to add some NEW life to this sorry old blog. Im still here for ya. Ya ol'chap. Trying to spruce things up a bit.EVen though you just sit here like a lump with no real purpose.UntitledFound an old journal of mine and I am thinking i need to start writing in it again. fur fun. a dying art? pen and paper.YO HOI have so many croissants in my possession its plain unsafe. Thats BLOG material.This morning for breakFAST we had banana, croissant, cottage cheese w MILK and coffee.Is that wholesome?ANyways I cant type anymore. I have to move on with the day. This and that and WATER! PLEASE PLEASE DRINK MORE WATER! what's your PROBLeM! Drinking water should nt be this daunting of a task! easy peasy. water. simple. idk.thanks for nothing.jkdo hashtags work on blogger?#no?how dumbis that?why is blogger so committed to sucking? Blogger should hirer me to tell them what they need to do so they will suck no longer!

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