Monday, January 16, 2012


It is freaking COLD outside right now. I have a lot of pork chops that I wanna turn into a magical dish. And while I am on the topic of magic it needs to be noted RIGHT NOW before I go any further... ready to be BLOWN AWAY? are you ready to freak OUT!?
I now own an iphone!, and whatheck I should be using it right now to BLOG! what am I thinking??!! laptops are so like dinosaurousrex!
but yeah the iphone is a special magical thing and that is my review.
Never even thought it was possible for I.
Then again its ALL possible! with the iphone.
Much the same way I felt about having a drivers license.
I got my DL on 10/31/07, two days before my 18th bday. AND HEY! That was a fun Halloween Party! I could go on and on w details but why?
MAN I am so caught up in the same songs over and over lately! I can't stop! If only I could JUMP INSIDE the song.
not even because I can relate or feel the same way but just cos I love it so wholeheartedly.
for me to know and you to find out one day never.
and pandora! UGH! THANK YOU GOD. iGod?
if i have the time.
RIGHT!? Am I right or am iright?

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