Saturday, March 17, 2012

pinch me

HAppy SPrINg BReAk 2012 BABYDOLL!!
I NEED a new piece of hardware and I MEAN a new laptop or IPAD or someth cos this thing I am using now is manic. Copying and highlighting shit all over the place. annnoying and rude. probably a virus?
n e wayz Happy St Patty DAy. I must get my corned beef into the crock pot!
such a busy buzz w the spring and the storm.
almost finished reading the 1st Hunger Games book. its been an easy read but still taking me forever and a day to finfin. just cause
i bee soo buzzy.
Busy farming seeds of watermelon,cucumber, sweet pepper, green onion, and broccoli !!so dope! being a farmer.
preparing for the big something .
Planning on strawberrying up the place when the weather takes a chill pill.
I was contemplating having yard sale on Sunday but there is a hurricane happening this weekend so maybe anotherday! Ill still have shit to sell then. COOL shit. A desk and mass amounts of dysfunctional Mac products..but I wont part with any of them.
Apples are famfam.
Im all out of Kcups :( so I have to fill my lil personal kcup. I have some kahlua coffee. OH hey I should be forced to add Baileys HUH for the luck of the Irish. I am Irish. Lots Irish. but then again who isn't these days?
kiss me.

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