Friday, June 22, 2012

is it just me?

UntitledPasswords are getting more and more of a problem, and I dont know why. One password for everything right? wrong. Isn't that simple anymore. Logging in requires my brain to shuffle through the tens of millions dif variations of my passwordssssss. UGGGH! I need a life coach. My life coach would tell me to do laundry and dishes instead of everything else I do. New suitBut I don't wanna do DISHES or LAUNDRY! I think we are all obsessed with our bodies. I am. It is good to notice the ways my body is changing everyday. Getting older and what not. BUt right now I am young young YOUNG! no I actually feeel old. SO therefore I am always convincing myself that I YOUNG YEAH YEAH thats the ticket I am youthful. 32 is younger than 42 but not younger than 24. and 24 is a great age. seems so fast. DEATH IS COMIN. My dog Roxie reminds me of that everyday. SHe is deteriorating before my eyes. NOt to mention my Grandma will be 97 on Sunday. I remember blogging about a lot of her past birthdays and this birthday I don't even know. Its all there in my archives. ITs all too much. I would get creative and reVAMP this blog but I think I forgot the how to part and once I start trying to remember how to with this brain of mine I would not be able to stop and then things and people would be more neglected than before. looks fine around here anyways. What was I saying? Yikes I don't know but it looks like working out while pregnant really benefitted me and thats something I am really proud of. yay. everything else about me sucks.

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