Sunday, January 29, 2012


OK January is getting old.
Make some room for the rest of the months why doncha? Can't always be all about January. The other months are just as important if not MORE so.
Def mo. every month after Jan. is in fact BETTER.
I am broke broke broke and thats gonna be my cruel reality until I am not broke anymore.
Dude I have so many piles of dog feces in my backyard its absurd! Therefore today my big plan is to scoop it all up.
SUnday FUnday at its very berry best.
BEAT THAT! I'll take photos.
LAst night I dreamt of some wild dogface/bore in my house. He was a light sleeper so I was tippy toeing around as to not disturb the beasts sleepytime.
The thing reminded me of the scene in the 1987 movie Dragnet when Friday and Streebek disguise themselves and sneak into the secret P.A.G.A.N. ceremony!
that movie should be rereleased in 3D!
my mom has not seen me in almost 4 weeks.
I say, "FUCK IT MANG! Lets shoot for 4 mos." !
Coffee time for me now.

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