Thursday, March 26, 2009

ON the GO!

P3264100hi you...buttinjeansbthrmphotoop I have been working out and eating healthy cause thats what i do.
its MY thing.
it could be yours but you'd rather poison yourself and sit on your ass reading books about the Germans and being boring.
I cut out high fructose. and stuff.
its almost vacation time.
pillowdo you like that pillow? I do. 50% off and its stiillll way out of your price range. RIght now I forget how much it is.
maybe 94? I wanna say 94.
but hey 50% off kids! SO stop in and pick it up.
either way I cant have it. POOPY BUTTONS.
yummyychocolatecherryballsthose 3 balls are part of the 300 little stupid chocolate dried cherry candy ball family that I DESTROYED and by DESTROYED I mean ENJOYED. Thanks MIKI!
lets be friends forever.
vegan pursethis here is a dopeass BIODEGRADABLE PURSE THAT IS AWESOME AND I WANT IT but guess what! YUP.
its way too expensive. surprise surprise.

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