Thursday, March 19, 2009

complaint bank

whats with fast food places selling "snacks" these days? mini burgers and fried chicken wraps or whatever.
eat an apple or better yet a banana YOU STUPID FAT ASS.
but do what you want. spend your cash how you want.
I am not your life coach.
my boss says she has this HUGEish scorpion picture thing for me. sounds interesting.
I guess there is some story about it and how she was gonna burn it but decided not to.
i will CHECK it outs tomorrow.
funny story
i could not get my money card out of it the other day at the checkout counter in the grocery store so I MADE A SCENE by requesting tweezers and/or assistance.
it was too tight because of the newness
and the young clerk man tried to help me but did not succeed
he just made me worried that he was gonna fuck it all up.
ten minutes later I finally pulled the card out.
i was buying flax seed, lucky charms and tortillas.
in my world grocery stores are fun and full of excitement
surprises on every aisle.
i try to grocery shop at least once a day.
i once worked in a grocery store.

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