Sunday, March 15, 2009


the mosquitoes suck around here and they love me a lot.
THEREFORE my poor legs look diseased.
hope i dont get the west nile or some other nasty virus.
now I am worried.
they itch like mad and its making me mentally ill.
just another reason for me to hate this NORTHERN CALIFORNIA SHITHOLE!
Right now my green tea w fiber is cooling off and waiting for me.
I had to work a whole 7 hours today and I didnt totally love it but it was fine
I even got a half hour lunch! I ate a veggie sammich on wheat.
I usually only work like 4 hours. sometimes 3.
Bought a pretty pink wallet w a koi fish on it.
shouldn't have done that but when I first got to worky poo it was slowish &
the wallet started being cute by whispering sweet nothings to me
I was sorta bored so I started to transfer all my identification cards into it and before i knew it i owned the pretty thing.
I am a fool for whispers and boredom.
my advise:
be responsible and use bug spray.

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