Monday, October 20, 2008


witchycan you feel it? its in the air. feel it.
there is this sweeet store here in town that I need to spend some money in. I dont know the name of it. it's like over by that one diner around that one corner.
I thnk I could live in san diego. anywhere in CA is really SORTA fine with me. Well, I guess not anywhere. some places are just NOT califonia but yet still in the state of California. ya know?
the coast is where its at. thats where my heart is.
what am I getting at here?
OH NO! excuse me but MY DOG IS CHOKING! is she gonna throw UP!? I hope not. yick. she seems better. phewy. dont ever own an animal. they are gross.
OK now on with this fun blog show.
ben and jerrys ice cream is EVIL. I got this one with some fucking carmel stick in the middle and its fucking KILLINGME!
I only had a few bites but I can hear it calling to me EAT ME.ENJOY ME. GO CRAZY ON ME! and its all the way in the freezer. THATS how loud it is communicating with my brain.
PLUS I have almost finished a bottle of some tasty berry flavored WINE.
OH G-LORD that reminsds me of Friday night when I drank up the WORST wine ever MOSCATO or some crapshit
it gave me the mother of all stomach aches.
i was wishing for the angel of death to come and take me away from the cruel reality of human being life.
you should know along with the rest of the universe that I have NO health insurance right now!
what kind of B fucking S is that?
lets pretend you Mr.internets are my family physician for a sec.
sometimes I have really smelly gas.
what does that mean doctor? too much protein? an overindulgence of broccoli maybe?
HELP. no no no just kidding I am fine and NEED NO HELP. everyone has bad gas.
my birthday is coming.
I HOPE I HOPE I get a BEN AND JERRYS ICE CREAM CAKE! thats what I am talkn about.
my son started KARATE TODAY! he broke a BOARD and he was rewarded with his white belt. I cried.
should I get a job?
na i dont think so either.
here is a little political talk for ya:
Sarah Palins stupit robo voice better not dial me up CAUSE if she does she is gonna get fucked UP by my words
oh but I guess she wont be able to listen since she is a Robot.
I am sure I am on her do not call list. scared bitch.
I have had a lot of wine I better get some sleep.
Tomorrow is Taco Tuesday.

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