Sunday, October 12, 2008

holy fucking shit i cut my bangs!

i cut my bangs
its a fall thing.
i think its ok. bangs can be tricky.
I also ate a bacon avocado burger today
BUT I cut my bangs yesterday.
i think I might be hungry right now but I am not totally sure about that.
maybe I am just bored. Its difficult to tell. I hate THAT! and I wish I had some skim milk or some soy milk. I would make some hot cocoa.
fuck! nothing is EVER perfect.
all I have is WHOLE milk and I cant bring myself to drink that shit.
I am also thinking about NACHOS.
I am a foood MONSTER lately.
and a crabby monster too.
I MADE A PIE LAST WEEK! and an eleven minute video of me doing such but I totally deleted it cause it was BOOORRRINNG.
no talking at all.
but not really
I could have a six pound tumor growing out of my head.
and thank god I DON'T.
the last debate between the two is happening this week
woo hoo.
should be fun.
what should we have for dinner?
i eat way too much sushi.

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