Thursday, October 16, 2008


heyso looks like i did not live blog last night.
just thought I would point out the obvious.
My friends and I did however have some wine, bread and pasta with squash. It was DELICIOUS!
Maybe I will post that picture of me in the paper just not now. I am lazy.
the weather is sooooo beautiful today!
i went to the GYM AGAIN 2 day and took a class that involves a kookyBOSU ball. its weird, FUN and hard as hell!
I am sure it will get easier.
AFTERWARDS I took a POWER yoga class where they turn up the heat up to 80 degrees but I think that the instructor mustve forgot cos it didn't feel toasty in there at all.
I also rode my boke all over the place today.
right now I am enjoying some green tea and later I am gonna EAT SOME FOOOOOOD!
but what?
there was a funny but SERIOUS Columbus day protest going on the other day and its been hard to get their chant out of my head ever since!
catchy little thing.

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