Saturday, November 05, 2011

Bust a move my opinion I loook FAT in that reflection picture
but yeah that was like a whole entire month ago so i BET I look SO SO SO totally different now. today. matters not really.
THIS Saturday I would like to drink coffee all day and get mad crazy on every piece of clothing I own and organize it. SO i need to find my inner organizational skillz.
whatever. I need to clean.
Clearly thats not happening while sitting here BLOGGING.
I need some discipline.
Lately its been chilly. This morning I was freezing.
In a few hrs I have bday/pizza party to go to.
It is FUNNY because I was invited to one party then UNinvited THEN invited to ANOTHER.
Big shout out to the universe for that save!
BTW If I hear that old friend song by Adele one more time I may shoot myself. and thats me LIKING her and her songs. Its just played OUT. over and over again and again.
what else can I blab about? the gym?
Let me break it down for you fellas
WEDNESDAYS from like 9am ish -11am
THEN Fridays @ 9am,
there you have it.
OH yeah now Im 32.
30 and 31 sounded good to me, but 32 sounds boring.
but I am just a sillygoosehead.

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