Monday, October 17, 2011

What's a-motto with you?

dishes are foreverTrying to lose 30 lbs. Well actually 25 LBS and I am pretty confident that it will happen quickly because of my X-TRA XTREME dedication and seriousness over the matter. Only drinking water and tea. I MAY PERHAPS have wine BUT not yesterday or today.AND MAYBE a diet coke with Tacos.
Today I went to the gym for the 1st time in roughly 3 mos. It was great and I was surprised to think that I actually looked OK. Funny how I may think I look the same sometimes and then my jeans are like "nope".
Thats something I like to obsess over. Of course the people out there say that I look good for only 6 weeks postpartum. They are sweetie pies. hugs and kisses.
UGH Im so sick of myself. Ever been SO sick of yourself that every thought in your mind and even every NON thought that doesn't cross your brain is annoying to YOU.
even this blog post I was in such conflict over. going:Should I post? not post? I'll post. Really should I? do I want to? WHY? SHould I sweep the floors instead? Re paint my nails maybe? NO not now. WHO CARES!I'll quickly sit down and be lame and I'll post.
I need and would like to do more webbing and spookafying on the porch.
Truth BE TOLD I haven't done that much of the spookafying around here.
Other people have and it looks spoooky.
Awhile back I was having reoccurring nightmares involving Halloween arriving and not being prepared or ready AT ALL!!!
SO I don t want that nightmare to come to life.
But no Halloween Partay. Next yr maybe. who knows?
Next yr I'll be turning 33! This yr I am gonna be 32. sounds old but I am still so very young and stupid.
hakuna matata.

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