Monday, November 21, 2011

Eat Some Mini Tuna Sandwiches @ Midnight

PB165808Tried steam cleaning the fuck outta my cocina but turns out no matter how hard I steam it I still hate it, bUT it looks a bit better. SOYAY!
Thats called me looking on the BRIGHT SIDE.
AND SPEAKING OF THAT SOmeONE found my blog using the search words "nasty big butt". Really?
I know I had somethng to say on here but of course by the time I log in I forget.
Thats called me being an idiot.
Got the big Turkey. Hopefully its big enough to satisfy my HUGE APPETITE for leftover TURKEY SANDWICHES!
I need to purchase some brown sugar and fun stuff like that today, cause its time to get cooking and crap like that. I cleaned the kitchen so might as well fuck it all up & get buzzed.
Buzzin all day baking stuff.
Its holiday time.
Where is the magic?

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