Sunday, November 13, 2011


PB065779WHere should I begin and where will it end? Gotta say I'm feeling slightly rushed to look at and enjoy Christmas trees today, yesterday and all the days of our lives and everyday after that. I thought the festival of fucking trees was always AFTER Thanksgiving NOT 3 WEEKS BEFORE HALLOWEEN!!!!!! its too too quick.
EIther I go today or Tuesday maybe or not at all. SATURDAY I CAN"T cause its my sons soccer team party woo hoo. and SUnday they are gonna be taking things down and everythng will be picked over and torn up. UGH. SO its this Sunday and Tuesday MAYBE. Its not even Thanksgiving how can I care about trees???How about FESTIVAL OF PIES first!? Then move onto trees.
So there is that PLUS I need bread, plus the laundry is starting to get a mind of its own and I recently put it in its place so lets not get off track with that relationship.
I have to fit all this in and comb my hair! oh LIFE! YOU BASTARD!
HAd some oatmeal and coffee this morning, WOW SHOCKER I KNOW.
My legs are destroyed because I destroyed them yesterday at the gym!
I was sore before I was sore.
The gym is allll revamped and fancy smancy right now. NEW NEW NEW and its all for ME ME ME!
This is really enlightening and fun but I need to go.

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