Wednesday, November 30, 2011


PB295844now i eat my oatmeal plain. no sweetener atall. Started this new thing today. FUCK TASTE. I really dont need it.
I'll still add creamer to my coffee and cont adding FLAX to the oats. Gives it a nutty flavor.
LAtely I feel like such garbage, yikes! is this the last full yr we will have as a semi functional SOCIETY?!
I think I am member of some society.
BUT YEAH as i was sayin',
last full yr ever is now cause in 2012 new shit is going DOWN!
so and I guess it will be yr 1 all over again?
anyways I am sorta kinda serious but I don't really have any REAL concrete ideas.
btw this oatmeal IS GROSS and its ok cause at least I have oatmeal. Some people have nothing. And I dont want to be an ungrateful bitch.
PB295843too many self photos on this blog for my taste but sometimes thats gonna happen cos the other photos I have taken are all too extraordinary for the there you have my thought on that.
STeam cleaning everything is a new hobby of mine!
Very rewarding to sanitize EVERYTHING ALL OVER.
Should be doing more if that right now because things are always getting filthy.
Disgusting slobs we are.
bye byes.
Time to break it down like I'm in control.

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